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  • UNFORGETTABLE FUN: The Instant Slime Expansion pack includes 2 new slime colours - purple & orange slime. Slime can be dumped on heads, sprayed from water guns, or added to slime pools for hilarious slime games.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Buy this slime kit, plus our original Instant Slime Battle Pack for a total of 6 slime colours. Perfect for epic colour wars, colour parties, & slime colour runs! Please note: This package contains slime powder only. Other colours & slime blaster guns are sold separately.
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Bulk Slime for Slime Wars!

Take water fights to the next level!

  • Guaranteed to up the excitement! Kids LOVE slime and battle packs make it easy to set up great slime games! 
  • Instant slime can be used with water blasters for slime blaster battles or water bombs for slime bomb fights!

Epic Fundraisers!

  • Instant slime can be made in buckets and dumped on people's heads. 
  • Perfect for slime the teacher fundraisers!

Bulk Slime in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Add 38L of water to a large tub.
2. Sprinkle the slime powder into the water.
3. Give it a stir.

It's as easy as that! The slime powder will magically transform into a sloppy, slimy, goo in seconds!

To make your slime more runny add a little more water. For a thick slime add a little less water.

Now repeat this process with the next slime colour.

Safe & Environmentally Friendly Slime

Worry free slime!
No harmful chemicals or additives. 

Focus on the Fun!

Party GOAT® Slime easily washes off skin & comes out of clothes in a normal washing cycle. 


Party GOAT slime is non-hazardous to the environment, pets, animals & aquatic life.

Non Staining Slime - Party GOAT Slime Clean Up Instructions

Slime Colours

Party GOAT Instant Slime comes in the battle package which contains four colours of slime - Green, Blue, Pink & Yellow (40L of each colour - 160L in total). 

Instant Slime now also comes in our Expansion Package which contains two new colours of slime - Orange and Purple! (40L of each colour).

Purchase both a Battle Pack and Expansion Pack, to have 40L of all 6 colours of Instant Slime. That's a huge 240L of slime that is perfect for colour wars, slime colour runs, slime fundraisers and more.

How to do Slime Blaster Battles?

After you have purchased your Instant Slime Battle Packs you'll just need some cheap suck and spray style water blasters and some large tubs.

Most water blaster brands will easily suck up and squirt out the Party GOAT slime.

You can either play in teams with a different slime colour for each team or just spread out the slime tubs around the yard for a free for all slime fight!

how do you hold a color run event

Slime Colour Runs!

  • Make your colour run unforgettable this year by adding colourful slime stations.
  • Instant Slime is a great addition to, or alternative to a colour powder fun run.
  • Line up volunteers with tubs of slime and water blasters to spray the runners with colourful slime as they pass by.
  • This is a proven strategy to increase attendance levels at colour run events. Kids love slime!

How to make Slime Bombs!

You can fill water bombs with slime in 4 easy steps!

1. Attach a small plastic funnel to the opening of your water balloon.
2. Measure out 1/4 to a 1/2 teaspoon of slime powder and pour it into the balloon.
3. Fill the water balloon with water and tie it off.
4. Shake it up and wait about 10 seconds.

You will need to play around with the amount of slime powder to suit the size of your water balloons. A little less powder will make for a more watery slime, a little more powder will make for a thicker slime.

Instant Slime Battle Pack Info

How much slime do you get?

  • Makes up to 40L of each colour slime! A total of 160L per pack.
  • That's enough slime for 16 x 10L buckets!
  • Creates huge amounts of pink, yellow, blue and green slime instantly.
  • Instant Slime Battle packs contain all 4 colours for crazy colourful slime games.

How to dispose of Party GOAT Slime?

Small amounts of slime will hose into the grass and won't harm your lawn.

Thick piles of slime should be scooped up and placed in garden beds or waste bins where it will naturally break down over time.

For a pool, bath or large tub of slime you can add salt to the mixture to convert it back to water for easy draining. Alternatively, add more water to the mixture to dilute it into a watery consistency before tipping down the drain. For an instructional video click here - Instant Slime clean up.

Please note that slime can be slippery, especially if left in thick piles on the ground. Excess slime should be swept into a thin layer and hosed down.

MSDS Safety Documentation

Click here to view the MSDS sheet for Party GOAT Instant Slime.

Slime War with Slime Balloons!


Slime bucket target challenge!

The SLIME BUCKET challenge is a hilarious game to play at home, or a great fundraising idea.

Tie a bucket around a beam and sit the victim underneath. Fill the bucket with slime and get contestants to try to knock the slime bucket onto them!

It's hilarious and lot's of fun for the competitors and volunteers!

Pitch burst balloon pop with slime!

For this slime game we attached a fence pailing to a pole using a hinge so that it can swing.

We place a circular target on one size and a sharp nail on the other side. Attach a netted bag around a pole over the victims chair and line it up with the nail.

Pour about 1 - 2  tablespoons of slime powder into a balloon and fill with water. Give it a bit of a shake.

Put the balloon in the bag, hit the target and watch the slime rain down! It's a really fun game!

  • Justin H. ✅



    We bought the slime for our Student Ministry Back to School Bash and it was a big hit and everyone LOVED the slime. It was super easy to make, plenty of ways to use it and amazingly easy to clean up. I WILL be ordering more soon.

  • Robert ✅



    Our school has been doing colour runs for a few years now using colour powder. This year we decided to try a slime colour run instead. The kids were so excited they raised 3 times the amount of money we have raised in previous years! A massive hit!

  • Jen ✅



    My kids are obsessed with slime. I bought this for my son's 8th birthday. We had a slime fight in the backyard using slime blasters. Oh boy.. Did they have some fun! The package makes SO MUCH slime. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sandra Voss
Perfect for fundraising!

We used this for a school slime fun run. At the end of the day we slimed the teachers. It was a hoot. We will make this a yearly event from now on.

johana galavis
used for slime wars at our summer camp

We got the slime powders 20 gal for our summer camp and we had an absolute blast. The kids loved it and clean up was easy. Bang for your buck, enough for about 40-50 people.

Julia Ann
So much fun!

Bought this for my son's birthday party. The kids enjoyed playing with it and it was so much fun. It washed off well with the water hose and didn't stain!

Amazon Customer
Fun in a Ziploc

This was so much fun!

Dennis Politte
color war

It didn't dissolve like the video showed. Didn't have bright colors when used.