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A collection of slime and mud products that are perfect for slime bucket challenges, and slime the teacher events. A fun and exciting fundraising idea for schools, churches, workplaces and charities. Are you game to take on the slime bucket challenge?

Slime Bucket Challenge

A slime bucket challenge is a fun and exciting way to raise money for a range of worthy causes. The simplest way to organise a slime bucket challenge is to nominate a fundraising target to be achieved. If the goal is reached then the fundraisers win the prize of sliming the nominated volunteer. This could be a teacher, principal, youth pastor, politician or even your boss!

Kids absolutely love slime, and they are guaranteed to get an uproarious laugh out of dumping a giant bucket of slime over their leader's head (adults get a kick out of it too!). Getting slimed is a great way to show your dedication to your school or charity and is a great motivator for the people seeking donations. Nominate someone to take on the slime bucket challenge today! 

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Which Slime to use for a Slime Fundraiser?

Party GOAT Instant Slime was special designed to make slime fundraisers quick, easy, safe & hassle free. Unlike slime recipes found online our Slime mix will not stick in your hair or ruin your clothes. The product is non toxic, biodegradable, and non staining. Simply mix the slime powder with water and you are ready to slime!! Instant Mud is also available for dumping mud on people at mud runs and mud themed fundraisers. 

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How to do a slime bucket challenge

We have put together a huge blog with everything you need to know about planning a slime bucket fundraiser including which products you need, how to mix slime, clean up advice, safety tips and more. Click the link below to learn more about slime the teacher and slime bucket challenges.

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Other Slime Fundraisers

There are many creative ways to use slime as a fundraising initiative. Click the links below for more great slime fundraising ideas.

Unique fundraising ideas with slime

Slime colour fun run

Filling a dunk tank with slime

  • Great slime

    "Used this at a school fundraiser. Easy to prepare and love that I can make the slime as thick or watery as I need. washes off with water easily and it did not stain." Sara

  • Best slime for school sliming

    "Amazing product! Easy to make, bright green colour and clean up was a breeze, just got hosed off. Didn’t stain clothes and soaked into the grass. I have tons extra too so I’ll be able to use this for several years!" Aim

  • Easy to mix & clean

    "This was the perfect slime for our school event. The consistency was easy to modify, and with a little adjusting we went from thin and runny to super thick and gloopy to a perfect dumpable consistency that oozed instead of splattered. I liked how small adjustments of water and powder made a big difference." A. Chatfield

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