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INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)

INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)

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πŸ’© BULK INSTANT MUD mix, 1.8kg of MUD POWDER! Makes a huge 230L of thick, slippery, sludge. JUST ADD WATER to create huge amounts of dark mud.

πŸ’© NON-TOXIC, NON-STAINING, Environmentally friendly, Biodegradable, non-sticky. CLEAN and SAFE fake mud.

πŸ’© USE INSTANT MUD FOR - Mud wrestling, fundraisers, mud runs, party games, mud bomb fights (fill water balloons with mud), mud blasters (mud filled water guns), race to find the object hidden in the mud, mud pie fights, special effects, sensory play and more. 

πŸ₯³ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with the mud mix, let us know why for a full refund. Available from local stock in Australia, USA and Canada.  

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Instant Mud for Mud Runs, Mud Wrestling & Messy Party Games

How to make mud for Mud Wrestling or Mud Runs

β€’ Party GOAT Instant Mud was specially designed to make it as easy as possible to make a pool or pit full of mud.
β€’ Just add the mud powder mix and the correct amount of water (up to 60 gallons per package). Give it a stir and you've got mud!
β€’ Our imitation mud formula is guaranteed to be free from sticks, germs or other nasties that can often be found in regular mud. Look after your mud wrestlers and mud runners with safe, clean mud.
β€’ Party GOAT mud is non toxic and biodegradable, pet and plant friendly. 
β€’ Our non staining mud powder kit will wash out of clothes in a normal washing cycle   

Games to Play in Mud

β€’ Mud Wrestling - Party GOAT mud is the go to product for mud wrestling events. It creates a sloppy, slippery mud that is perfect for mud wrestling parties and mud fights. Visit our mud wrestling rules page 
β€’ Mud Runs - If you want to add a fun obstacle to a school fun run a mud pit is a quick and easy way to get a lot of laughs and excitement from the kids. Click here for more information on how to do a mud run.
β€’ Race to Find the Object - Bury objects in the mud pit and have contests race to find the objects. This is a hilarious party game that will feel like you are on a messy TV game show.
β€’ Mud Blasters - our Instant Mud Mixture will spray out of most suck and spray style water blasters. Turn your next water fight into a mud war using water guns.

INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)
INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)
INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)
INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)
INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)
INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)
INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)

Special Deal

INSTANT MUD! (Bulk 230 Litres)


Mud Wrestling Mud


β€’ MUD PIES! Raise money to throw mud pies at your teachers, principle or boss.
β€’ MUD SLIDE fundraiser! Slide into a pool filled with mud.
β€’ MUD TUG OF WAR. The losing team gets pulled into the pool of mud).
β€’ MUD FUN RUN OBSTACLES. Make a mud crawl pit or throw mud at participants.
β€’ MUD FILLED DUNK TANKS. 7 packs of instant mud will make 420 Gallons which will fill most dunk tanks. 
β€’ PITCH BURST. Target games with mud filled balloons that pop or buckets that dump mud over victim's heads.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Bigelow

INSTANT MUD! (BULK 60 Gallons)

Muddy good time

We got down and dirty. Great fun had by all

Part of our bar rodeo

The product was what we wanted for. Every one enjoyed the mud wresting.

Nathan Tillman
Real does feel like mud

This really does look and feel exactly like mud or sludge. It doesn't quite coat your skin like real mud would, but the consistency is almost identical. BUT there's a caveat to this product. We used this at a party for a wading pool mud wrestling contest. Whatever was used to dye this product produced a very, very fine powdery mist that coated every single piece of furniture in the entire room. It's so fine that it's almost invisible, but if you run a wet paper towel over it, you can tell, because it will instantly dye red. If you're not careful, you can contaminate an entire room with this stuff and it will take hours to completely clean up.

Hi Nathan, thank you for the review and tip about the powder. Definitely best to be set up outside if possible. We recommend people tip it into the water from a low height and be careful with the wind.

John Weller
Jeanette Albury

Awesome mud for our mud pool obstacle in the school fun run. The kids had a blast! Easy set up and easy to hose off the kids at the end. Will do a even bigger pool next year! Thanks for all your support. Jean

Thanks for the great review Jean! You’re mud run sounds like it was amazing. We look forward to hearing from you again next year. Cheers!

Party GOAT Instant Mud inspiration

Here's some fun, old videos that need updating (old packaging, old website etc.). 

Mud Special Effects & Photography

β€’ Party GOAT mud has been used in a wide range of film, television and even stage productions.

β€’ Our mud powder mix creates a dark colored mud.

β€’ If you need a light brown mud, simply add corn flour to the mixture.

Disposing of your Bulk Mud Wrestling Mud

Party GOAT Instant Mud is environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets.

After you are done with your mud pool the mud can be manually bucketed into garden beds where it will naturally break down over time or put into trash bins.

If you would like to drain your mud, you can turn it back into a liquid state by adding salt to the mixture. It will quickly turn your mud wrestling ring back into a pool of colored water for easy draining.

We recommend about 100oz of salt (3kg) per 60 gallon pack of mud.