Color Powder Activity Guide

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Color POwder Activity Guide

Pages of Color Powder Fun!

Party GOAT's color powder activity guide includes 27 pages of fun color powder games, activities, science experiments, school activities, party ideas and more. Simply enter your email address in the form above to have the downloadable ebook sent direct to your email.

How to sell tickets to a color run

Complete Guide to Color Runs

Planning a Successful Color Run

Our comprehensive color run ebook is a step by step guide to planning a memorable, fun, and profitable color fun run event. Enter your email address in the form above to receive this downloadable & printable guide direct to your email.

A sneak peak at what's inside our Free Color Powder Ebooks

Color Powder Activity Guide

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Ultimate Color War

  • Classic Color Wars
  • Squeeze Bottle Skirmish
  • DIY Color Powder Balls
  • Color War Clean Up

Chapter 2: Color Powder Fun Runs

Chapter 3: Balloon Popping Games & Gender Reveals

  • Filling Balloons with Color Powder: A Step by Step Guide
  • Balloon Color Burst Races
  • Colorful Balloon Darts
  • Gender Reveal: The Big Balloon Surprise

Chapter 4: Tag and Dodgeball

  • Color Powder Tag
  • Fairies and Trolls - A Colorful Rescue Game
  • Color Powder Dodgeball

Chapter 5: Creative Photo Ops with Color Powder

  • Setting up a Color Powder Photo Booth
  • Creative Photo Ideas
  • Incorporating an Explosion of Color

Chapter 6: Color Powder Dance Party - Let's Get Vibrant

  • More Dance Party ideas

Chapter 7: Artistic Adventures - Color Powder Art Projects

  • Exploring Rangoli Art
  • Temporary Art Designs with Color Powder
  • Glue and Color Powder Canvas
  • Colorful Art in the Snow

Chapter 8: Educational Color Powder Activties

  • Incorporating Color Powder into Learning
  • History of Color Powder

Chapter 9: Color Party Time

  • Themed party Ideas
  • Decorations and Food Suggestions
  • Pinata with a Color Pop
  • Additional Party Games and Prize ideas

Chapter 10: Colorful Expressions - Face Painting with Holi Color Powder

Chapter 11: Crafting Color Powder Blasters

  • Foot Pump Blaster
  • Electric Color Powder Blaster



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Color Run Guide - How to plan a Profitable & Exciting Color Fun Run

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Color Runs

  • What is a Color Run?
  • Adding Slime and Bubbles!
  • The Appeal of Color Runs
  • The Benefits for Schools and Organizations
  • Why Choose a Color Run for Your Fundraiser?

2. Planning Your Color Run

  • Establishing Your Vision
  • Forming a Committee
  • Choosing a Date and Location
  • Legal Considerations
  • Budgeting
  • Sponsorships
  • Logistics
  • Timeline

3. Registration and Promotion

  • Setting Up Registration
  • Promotion Strategies for School Color Runs
  • Promotion Strategies for non-school events

4. Setting Up the Course

  • Course Design
  • Safety Measures
  • Amenities and Services
  • Signage and Branding

5. Setting Up Color Powder Stations

  • Station Design and Setup
  • Methods of Dispensing Color Powder
  • Color Powder Quantity Recommendations
  • Color Choices

6. Setting Up Slime Stations

  • Preparing the Slime
  • When to Prepare Slime for Your Color Run
  • Slime Quantity Recommendations
  • Slime Station Location
  • Managing Slime Stations
  • Safety Precautions
  • Color Choices

7. Setting Up Foam and Bubble Stations

  • Choosing the Right Location
  • Selecting Foam Machines
  • Setting Up the Foam Machine
  • Additional Foam Station Setup Tips

8. Additional Mud, Slime or Jello Obstacles

  • Setting Up Crawl Pools

9. Day of the Event

  • Final Preparations
  • Participant Management
  • During the Event
  • Photography and Videography
  • Post-Event Activities
  • Additional Recommendations

10. Maximizing Fundraising

  • Entry Fees vs. Participant Sponsorships
  • More Great Fundraising Tips

11. Waivers and Permission Forms

12. Clean-Up and Waste Management

  • Color Powder Clean-Up
  • Instant Slime Clean-Up
  • General Waste Management

13. Post-Event Activities

  • Celebrating Success
  • Post-Event Slime the Teachers Celebration
  • Feedback and Improvement
  • Ongoing Engagement
  • Final Steps

14. Appendices

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • FAQs About Color Powder
  • FAQs About Instant Slime
  • FAQs About Foam and Bubble Stations

15. Copyright Notice