Slimageddon Instructions

Video Instructions for Game Components

How to Mix Slime

How to use your Slime Gun

How to make Slime Balloons

How to Fill your Slime Grenade

Video Instructions for Games

1. Jumbo Slime Pong

2. Slime Blaster Battle

3. Slime Balloon War

4. Slime Balloon Catching

5. Who Stepped in Goo?!

6. Slime Grenade Dice Races

7. Pin the Slime on the Monster

8. Spin the Gun and RUN!!!

9. Wall Bounce Slime Pong

10. Rolla Slime

11. Ticking Slime Bomb

12. Rapid Fire Slime Races

13. Slime Bucket Head Races

14. Slime & Spoon Race

15. Pass the Slime Over Your Head

16. Slime Them Down

17. Rushing GOOlette

18. Slip Slop Flip Cup

19. Don't Slime Out

20. Slimy Treasure Pirates

21. Slime the Karen

This is a secret game that can be played during any of the above games. The rules are simple, the first parent or adult heard complaining about the mess gets slimed! 

Show Karen the clean up video below to ease her mind about the mess 😂.

21. Your Games!

Have you come up with your own game or activity using Slimageddon components? Please share your ideas and/or game variations with us. If we publish one of your unique games you will win a prize! You can share with us via our facebook community at: or via email:

Bonus Game - Slime Balloon Head

Slime Clean Up Instructions