Top 5 Self Isolation Drinking Games!

So like the rest of us you have been forced into self isolation or quarantine due to Covid-19. While the situation around the world seems bleak it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun at home. So grab your favorite bottle and get ready for the top 5 self isolation drinking games! Quarantine party games to be played over zoom, skype, face-time or whatever app you choose. 

The news is bad but the drinks are good!

The first drinking game for the lock down, self isolation period, can be played by yourself or with friends online. If you have been finding the nightly news (with constant talk of infection rates and death) a little hard to swallow, this game allows you to swallow your beverage instead! A stiff drink always makes tough news easier to handle!  All you need to do is write a list of stories or scenarios to watch out for. Each time these things feature on the news have a drink! You can dial your friend's on zoom for the 6pm news and play along together! Some examples are listed below. You can have certain players drink for certain items or everyone can drink together all the time!

• Infection rates somewhere are increasing - everyone drink!
• Trump gloats about something - everyone drink!
• Boris Johnson features - Barry drinks #prayforboris 
• Queen Elizabeth is mentioned - Amy drinks
• Trump says something ridiculous - everyone drink!
• Spain or Italy feature - Fabian drinks
• A good news story! - Everyone drink!
• Jobs lost - Barry drinks
• Toilet paper shortages - Amy drinks
• Hand sanitizer gets a mention - Fabian drinks

Depending on how drunk you plan to get you can make up as many rules as you like. There is a comments section at the bottom of this page. If you have great ideas, share them with us!

We found a slight variation of our news themed drinking game above!

What do you meme?

If I had to highlight a positive out of this horrible Corona situation it would have to be the memes. Since everyone has been in lock down the quality of memes out there have definitely improved and the results have been hilarious. This game takes the time to highlight some of the best memes. First off, call you friends on zoom or face time. Players take it in turns to select a topic. E.g. toilet paper. Players then have one minute to search the web on their phones or computers to come up with the best meme, gif or joke related to that topic. Once they find something they like they post it up. Players then vote on who's meme they like best, with drinks allocated on a scale according to who got the least votes. e.g. 0 votes - 2 drinks, 1 votes - 1 drink, 2 votes - 0 drinks required. A new theme is then chosen and play continues. You will be surprised at how many hilarious memes you stumble across.   

These two funny memes were found on

toilet paper meme self isolation drinking gameswheres the toilet paper meme quarantine drinking games

Never have I Ever!

This is a simple game that doesn't require you to be close to one another, or any equipment, so it is perfect for self isolation. All you need is to be able to talk to one another on the phone or computer. Never have I ever is bound to be a hilarious conversation starter.

How to play?

Players take turns saying something they have never done e.g. Never have I ever thrown up in a nightclub. If anyone in the group has done the thing mentioned they are required to take a drink. It is a great way to learn some revealing and hilarious facts about your friends.

Struggling to come up with fun never have I ever questions? There is a card game that someone in the group could buy. They then deal out and read the questions to the group.

Dice Flipper

For this game, one person in the group needs a deck of cards. All players then need either 2 dice or a 2 die app on their phone (such as Die Roll - free in app stores). Players take it in turns to roll the two dice. The top dice is the number of cards that need to be flipped for your turn. The lower dice is which drinking rule you are playing for that round. The higher the numbers the more likely you are to receive maximum drink penalties (a drink penalty is a sip of your drink). For example a player rolls a number 4 and a number 3, meaning 4 cards and rule 3 (see rules below). They then watch via zoom or skype, as the person with the deck of cards flips out 4 cards.  Each time a Hearts card is revealed (rule 3) they are required to drink. There are also some bonus drink cards. In this example, if 2 hearts are drawn as well as a Joker, drinks would be doubled, equalling 4 drinks for the round. After completing their round and drinking the allocated drinks play moves to the next player. Play continues until you have gone through the deck.

1 - Pairs (have a drink for every time a pair is flipped up)
2 - Toil with a Royal (have a drink for every royal that is flipped up)
3 - Heart Attack (have a drink each time a heart is flipped up)
4 - 9 to 5 (have a drink every time a 5,6,7,8 or 9 is flipped)
5 - Dread the Red (have a drink each time a red card is flipped)
6 - Number Cruncher (have a drink every time a number card is flipped up).

Bonus drinks -
Have an extra drink each time an Ace is Drawn.
Double the drinks for the round if a Joker is drawn.


In the example above the player rolled a 5 and a 6. This meant that the dealer had to deal out 5 cards and the player had to play game 6 (number cruncher). The dealer dealt a 7, 4, King, Ace and Jack. 3 number cards were dealt (7,4,1) so three drinks are required. Also the Ace scores a bonus drink. 4 drinks in total for the round.

Movie QueefS

This is a simple word game where you take turns to come up with a movie title and replace one word in the title with the word queef. For example - Gone with the wind could become Queef with the wind. Or Gorillas in the mist, could be Gorillas in the Queef. Not really a drinking game but hilarious to drink to. After a while you can change the word queef to some other immature word you find to be hilarious 🤣

Help us turn this into a Top 10 drinking games for self isolation list!

Have you got your own drinking games that you have been playing since the coronavirus outbreak? Let us know about them in the comments section at the bottom of the page so I can update the list from a top 5 to a top 10.

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