How to throw a Toga themed party

When it comes to Toga themed parties, what typically comes to people's minds are college parties with lots of drinking, but a Toga party is much more than that. In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about how to throw an epic Toga themed party!

What is a Toga Themed Party?

A Toga themed party is a costume party based on the Roman and Greek mythology. The costume is typically a toga, which can easily be made out of a white bed sheet or just a cheap piece of fabric. Toga themed parties are popular with the fraternity parties in college, however they can also be done in a more classy way too. It's a party with plenty of drinking (like they did back in the ancient times), feasting on plenty of food and enjoying some fun party games. Not only is Toga one of the oldest party themes, but it's also one of the most popular for many party goers.

How to throw a toga party

What happens at a Toga party?

The most important thing with a Toga party is the dress toga, no party! Now that everyone is running around in their Togas (AKA...bed sheets) and ivy headdresses, what actually happens at a Toga party? Well if you like drinking wine, eating and being fed grapes and playing games, then a Toga themed party is for you. Be prepared for some Greco-Roman inspired party games and drinking contests, which will take you on a mythological journey of what the Romans and Greeks got up to all of those years ago. Find out more in this article about these games!

What happens at a toga party?

What do I need for a Toga Party?

Once you have decided on throwing a Toga themed party, the next question that will pop into your mind will no doubt be -''What do I need for a Toga party?'' To help you out, we have listed below some useful detail outlining some important things that will help you plan a successful Toga party. These things include; Toga party invitation ideas, Toga decoration ideas, Toga outfit ideas and some fun Toga inspired party games to get everyone in the Greco-Roman mood.

Toga Party Invitation

Set the theme right from the beginning when throwing a Toga party with the perfect Toga party invitation. You can buy some great Toga themed invitations or if you want to DIY, you can craft your own invitations. Make sure you use rich colors, particularly gold, and a suitable Greek matching font style such as "Herculanum" on Microsoft Word. Another great idea is to make the invitation in the form of a scroll and tie them up with a ribbon for extra effect. If you want to dive deeper into the myths of ancient Greece and Rome, you can choose your wording for the invitation to match its style, making an announcement. This idea is much more creative and impressive than your typical party invite. An example of the wording could be something like this, "Zeus the king of gods, requests your presence on the hall of the gods for a night of good food, drinks, and music." So we encourage you to get creative with your Toga party invitation and to set the right "mood" for your party guests. Oh yeah and don't forget to mention, no Toga, no party! 

Toga party invitation

Toga Party Decorations

Now that you have sent out the invites, it's time to transform your party space into an Ancient Greek-Roman paradise with Toga party decorations. It is very important to make your guests feel like they're in ancient times and don't worry, with a little bit of creativity, you can convert your house into ancient Greece in a affordable way.

Gold and white are the two main colors for Toga decorations, as well as purple. Purple represented royalty and wealth back in the ancient times and will also give you party space that color pop it needs. After choosing the colors, you can now start draping sheets over any seating, hang sheets on the walls and lay sheets on the floor. If you love cushions and pillows, create a lush corner and scatter these around to create an inviting (and comfortable) area for people to sit. The next thing is to fill the area with greenery, hang fake ivy vine, some grapes on the tables and some potted plants. Put some golden items like candles, jugs and glasses and a fancy punch bowl around the place. If you happen to have pillars, columns, urns or statues, these are all extra props that would be a perfect match. The lighting is also important when setting the atmosphere. Lay out and around the space, some white and gold candles or oil lamps. To give the area a real ''magical'' feel, hang some strings lights indoors and outdoors on trees and through the garden. You can check online party suppliers or your local home decor store if you want to incorporate  more ostentatious Roman and Greek Architecture. 

The music at your Toga party can be determined by you and your guests' personal taste. Older people might prefer some soft classical music playing in the background, with the younger people and college students probably preferring a little more party style music. You could always try to find some Greek or Roman type songs or even search for songs that feature the harp to give your party that ancient times vibes.

What to wear to a Toga Party?

As mentioned earlier, the most important thing about a Toga themed party is the toga outfit itself, so no one should have any issues knowing what to wear to a Toga party. Please ask your guests to dress up and make sure that everyone knows the importance of wearing togas. If you have a guest that is ashamed of dressing up, help them out.  20 minutes prior to the party should be enough time to make them a toga outfit out of a white bed sheet. Togas are super easy and affordable. If you want something more sophisticated, then it's possible to buy a piece of fabric and tailor your own toga costume, otherwise a simple white bed sheet will do. To complement the outfit, you can wear sandals, gold items, a rope belt and a headpiece made of leaves or other greenery. 
You can also encourage your guests to make elegant Greek god or goddess costumes and have a ''Best dressed award.'' If you are extra crafty or have money in the budget, you can make or hire "thrones'' which the winners can sit in. Not only that, the thrones will make a great place to take photos.

What to wear to a toga party

Do Togas need to be white?

A common questions asked is, ''Do Togas need to be white?'' Historically, a toga was to the Romans what a tuxedo is for us in modern days, so it was a ceremonial piece of clothing. There is no rule for color, however traditionally togas were white. That doesn't mean that you can't use different colors, but just be mindful that black togas were worn usually for mourning purposes, so you might want to stick to the light colors only.

How to tie a toga?

Fist of all, you might want to wear a shirt or underwear underneath. Then get a non-fitted light colored bed sheet. Make sure that the sheet is big enough. A toga was designed to cover the body from shoulder to ankle and draped around a few times. Here is a video tutorial on how to tie a Toga. 

Toga Party Food and Drinks

Toga party food and drinks all depends on how formal you want your event to be. Typical food at a Toga party is often appetizers and finger food. The other option is serving Greek food. There is generally lots of fruits, especially grapes and pears. Platters of cheese and vegetables are often a success and nice big loaves of round bread, plenty of nuts, dates, figs and olives can also complement the menu nicely. To get a little more sophisticate, you can make pita bread sandwiches or if you want to go full Greek, you can offer delights like roasted lamb, baklava, a Greek pie or some classic Greek salad.
Drinks are easy...WINE! Wine is the traditional beverage, although you can serve a variety of drinks, including non-alcoholic options such as grape juice. But if you're a college student, then kegs of beers is the choice and prepare to TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

Toga Party Games & Entertainment

Although drinking contests are entertaining on their own, organizing some Toga party games and entertainment for your guests can take your party to a new level. Here are a few ideas below for you to consider. 

Who am I?
This is a classic game where you write a name of a character (in this case, Greek or Roman) and stick it to the forehead of the contestant. Now they have to go around the room asking "yes or no" questions in order to find out who they are, for example, "Am I a Greek god?" or "Am I a Gladiator?"

Another classic game! You can divide the guests into teams and ask them questions about ancient Greece and Rome and don't forget about the prizes!

You can also plan some entertainment for your guest using their own costumes. For example you could have a dramatic battle between two guests dressed as gladiators, have a special entrance for guests dressed as gods and goddess, tossing rose petals at their feet or you could have an emperor making a big announcement. So be creative and use what you have available.

If you feel like more "physical" games, you can play Statue, where the guests pose as Greek or Romans statues and the winner is the one who lasts the longest without moving.

You can also have "Chariot Races" where the guests will pair up and go for a piggy back race, trying to get to the finish line without spilling their beers.  Other than that you can click here to check out 8 hilarious party games for your party.

Toga Party gamesToga! Toga! Toga!

Oil and Mud Wrestling

In ancient Greek and Roman culture it was common for athletes to compete in a form of oil wrestling. They would rub oil on their bodies to make it more difficult for their opponents to grab a hold of one another. When they were unable to afford oil, mud was often used as an alternative. While this form of Toga Party game won't be suitable for every type of Toga party (especially if you are going classy), it could be a hilarious addition to the more wild college toga parties. These days you can make a mud wrestling pit anywhere with ease,  using the Party GOAT instant mud package. Each bag of Instant Mud powder makes up to 60 Gallons of slippery, sloppy mud by simply adding water. Click here for more details on our Instant mud

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