Awesome Party Ideas from huge events around the world!

There are so many cool parties and festivals around the world with unique party themes. I have compiled a list of awesome events and ways that you can mimic the fun at your own parties.

The 5 Craziest Parties in the World

mud festival mud run bulk mud clean mud instant mud

Louisiana Mud Fest!

This party is downright dirty. People come from miles around for the offroad mud runs, mud wrestling and mud baths. There are so many games you can play in the mud!

You can have a mud party in your backyard and set up mud slides and mud wrestling. Games like tug of war over a mud pit is hilarious and simply having a soak in a mud bath with friends and cold beverages is a must.
Click here for mud run ideas or mud wrestling

Party GOATβ„’ Instant Mud takes all the hassle out of supplying clean mud for your mud fest. Each pack makes a huge 60 gallons of a clean mud like substance. It is easy to clean up and a safe mud alternative. Click here to buy mud!


This party is a festival of color! 

People throw color powder and liquids on each other to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Have your own color party in your back yard! Buy some color powders from amazon, if your party is at night you could consider neon powders that will glow under blacklights! You could also add some slime battle packs for even more color and fun!  Click here to buy Slime! or here to learn how to do a slime party? 

Holi color powder party DIYcolor powder slime party glow party
Glow party full moon party black lightsBlack light glow Party kit and neon paint


Neon Party Decorations

Neon Party Decorations

Neon Party decorations for glow parties, glow in the dark parties, black light parties and birthday parties.
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The full moon parties in Thailand are famous for their use of black lights to make everything glow like crazy on the beach. If you aren't there at the right time of the month they also do a very cool half moon party in the jungle!
You can easily mimic this glow party at home with a glow wave black light kit or two. We would also suggest buying some awesome neon glow party decorations to cover your party area in. Hang dots and star shaped garland from your ceiling or along the walls, create wall art using peace and flower decorations and hang up bright colored party word banners to really make a statement! Check out the full range of neon glow party decorations here. Neon body paint is also a must for your black light full moon party. 
Everyone can paint on each other with neon paints and it's a lot of fun! For more information on how to do an epic glow party click here!

Glow Party Ideas

Tomato Throwing Party - La Tomatina!

Every year, thousands of people travel to Bunol, Spain to participate in an insane food fight at the Tomatina Festival. πŸ€£

If you want to do your own messy food fight party then PartyGoat Jello Wrestling packages make it very easy and it's so much fun throwing jello at each other.
Just add water to one pack to make a massive 100 gallons of chunky jello. It comes in 3 colors so you could have food fight teams!

Jello fight with party goat jelly


One of UK's craziest festivals, the cheese rolling festival has been a tradition since the 1800's. Although it's hilarious to watch, it's a very dangerous event for participants.

A variation you can do if you have a hill is a slip n slide party. You can still chase cheese wheels and race but you'll be sliding instead of tumbling. 

Slime Ideas For Your School

slime fun run ideas for your school

Party GOAT Instant slime can be used in many ways as a great fundraiser for your school. Click here for more details on slime fun runs or here for information on slime the principal fundraising or here for information on DIY slime game shows.

slime the teachers slime the principal fundraiser


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